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The packaging of a product is a fundamental vehicle for transmitting the company's values. Developing a coherent, effective and at the same time original way of presenting the product is a very difficult task. The information overcrowding and the lack of analysis made by companies regarding the real effectiveness of certain communication strategies is at the basis of the very high mortality rate of new companies on the market.


The packaging is not just an eye-catching product presentation label, but a real business card for the brand and its values.


Studying the effectiveness of packaging through Neuromarketing techniques is one of the core activities of Behavior and BrainLab.

Tools such as the Eye Tracker, Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Skin Conductance (GSR) allow to study in depth the impact with this fundamental lever of marketing and communication.


The study of emotions as predictors of purchasing behaviour and possible loyalty to the store are one of the fundamental nuclei of our work. 




Graphic elements, lights, colors, smells, smiles, are all part of the human experience that characterizes the purchasing process.

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